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Good Better Worst

Ah, there you are.

It’s all you.

At your finest.

Looking good, feeling great.

On top of the world.

Having a grand one.

Fun and funny!

With all the time in the world.

You're untouchable, unbeatable.

Life's a giant peach.

It's fun and games, and you're (obviously) winning!

Ah, but slowly, the wheel turns.

Ah, as it always does.

Night falls.

There's a bend in the road.

The clouds gather.

The plot thickens.

Time speeds up.

Suddenly, you're rushing, rushing, rushing.

Suddenly, you're all over the shop.

Suddenly, you're unthinking.

Wednesdays lie in ambush.

Another year of you-know-what.

And the yeti says to all who will listen—

"Great days are few.

They take care of your best.

Grey days are many.

They test you at your worst."

"Good, better, best

Never let it rest,

Till your good is better

And your worst isn't s**t!"