Your Smile Is Your Superpower

Your smile is your superpower.
It sure was mine.
It helped me feel great.
Melt the ice.
Mend fences.
Conduct business.

My smile was like my pocket square—it completed me.

I came across all kinds of smiles.
Winning smiles.
Losing smiles.
Megawatt smiles.
Sheepish smiles.
Saintly smiles.
Wicked smiles.
Impish smiles.
Knowing smiles.
They're right when they say that we have a smile for every emotion.

All the Serious People I knew died too early.
Of course, Serious Things happen to us all, but the ability to smile in any situation will make you courageous.
Science now says what we've always known—that smiling is excellent for our health and well-being.

So try to start your day with a smile.
React to things with a smile.
Instead of getting all hot and bothered and loud, choose to smile silently for a few seconds (it works wonders).
Play and work with a smile.
It doesn't even matter if you smile as long as you try.

Smile (and don't stop)!
You'll live longer.

#5 of Relax & Live the Good (Enough) Life: Practical Wisdom From the Himalayas