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You Are a Miracle. Stay That Way.

Your DNA is unique.
The way you do things is different.
You are put together like nobody else.
Why, even if you try, it is impossible to be someone else entirely for too long—so I never did bother!

But sometimes, we can try very hard to be something we are not.
Someone's definition of success.
A shadow chasing the wrong things for years and years.
Even the people who love us can send us down winding roads (always with the very best intentions!).
We contort ourselves to fit the wrong frame, and it hurts sooner or later.

I think it's why living in a way not true to you is exhausting.
And living in a way true to you is refreshing.

I think my ability to be myself was one of the main reasons I lived to 96.
It meant that though I fought many battles, few if any, were with myself.
It lessened life's inescapable loads.
It nurtured the inner troika—mind, body, and soul.
And it began with being honest about who I was and wasn't and what I could do and couldn't.

Give yourself the time you need to know yourself.
Give yourself the space you need to be you.

You are an original.
Your life's goal should be to stay that way.

PS Isn't it amazing to know that nobody else can be exactly like you?
Not even your twin (if you have one).
That across space and time, there never will be another you?
Isn't that something?
Yes, I think so too!

#2 of Relax & Live the Good (Enough) Life: Practical Wisdom From the Himalayas