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When It's This Cold Outside

Absence defines the Himalayas as much as what you may find here.

There is no race to the top (on the contrary, the valley is where you want to be).
No overwhelming drive for excellence.
No mastery of activity.
No bias for action.
No hacks.
No "How to be X."
No "7 Steps to Y."
No "The Best Way to Z."
No to-do, must-see, have-to lists.
There is no adolescence.
There are no holy men on mountaintops, no magical caves that enlighten.

But there are the ebbs and flows of lives intertwined.
Annoyances and unknowns, daily and infinite.
There is family and friends and room for all sorts, characters one learns to live with.
There are the vicissitudes of business and politics.
A belief that some things cannot be explained.
A connection to place.
An appreciation of time.

And a sixth sense that when it's this cold outside, the heart must do all it can to keep warm.