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What Game Are You Playing?

A or B?

Your A-Game is thrilling
—whereas the "B" in B-Game could stand for "Boring".

In your A-Game, you're the star, and everybody wants a piece of you
—in the B-Game, you're the supporting act, and nobody gives a shit.

In your A-Game, you're hitting glorious, highlight-worthy thunderbastards
—in the B-Game, your prime directive is keeping the ball in play.

Your A-Game is Just Doing It
—the B-Game is Just Giving Yourself a Chance.

Your A-Game brings out the best and worst in you
—likewise, the B-Game, likely to a lesser degree.

Your A-Game is about winning over the world
—the B-Game is about winning over yourself.

You could make millions with your A-Game
—the B-Game isn't about the millions.