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The Secret of the Mountains

Slowness is the secret of the mountains.
And at this altitude, it's the only way!

You can live fast and furiously in a city.
You can run across plains.
But in the hills, you have to go slowly.
You just can't rush your way up (or down) the Kangchenjunga.

From deep breaths to deeper trails, the mountains teach us to go slow and give ourselves the best chance to go long.

I always say, the slower, the better.
Breathe slowly.
Eat slowly.
Drink the tea slowly.
Walk slowly.
Do things as slowly as you can.

Slowing down is easier on your mind and body.
It sharpens focus.
It cultivates patience.
It restores balance.
Your gut, your bodymind, and other intelligent parts of you start to stir.

Slowing down means giving luck the time she needs.
Rhythm's beauty and momentum's power will have the requisite time to appear.
Remember, good things run on their own time—their clocks tick-tock differently from ours!

We seem to have forgotten the art of pacing ourselves.
We want it all, this instant.
It's impossible.
Moving fast, rushing from one place to another, jumping from one thing to the next—very few can live very long this way.
It's against nature, and look at where it has led us.

Life is a slow dance.
Slow down and smell the rhododendrons if you want to live to my age.
See yourself—and what's around you—with new eyes.
Give yourself a chance to meet yourself.

Go slowly.
It's the way of the Himalayas.

#3 of Relax & Live the Good (Enough) Life: Practical Wisdom From the Himalayas