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The Art of Being Good Enough

Being great—that sounded exhausting.
Being good enough—ah, now that seemed easier and fun.

What does it mean to be good enough?
At its heart, I think it means being comfortable with who you are.
Once you're comfortable, you can have fun and try new things.
Having fun and doing things—that sounds like a good life, doesn't it?

Being good enough also means doing things a bit better.
Seeing goodness as greatness.
Getting along with most.
Going with the flow and going going going.

I found being good enough helped me to—
Work with an amateur's spirit.
Find time to do other things.
Be free from the fear of failure because success was never the objective.
Never obsess about being perfect but instead just live the moment.
Continue under all circumstances.

It gave me perspective, not pressure.
It was liberating, and I believe it gave luck the elbow room it needs to work its magic.
If I had tried to be great, I'd be miserable and the kind of person I'd hate to have a drink with.

I found being good enough great fun.
You should try it.
Who knows, you may even stumble onto greatness.

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