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Take It Easy


"Chill out."

"Take it easy."

We sing songs, write tomes, make movies about it.

Spend our hard-earned cash, our lives chasing it.

Get all religious about it.

Try really, really hard.

Because it's not easy to take it easy, is it?

Take—tricky for those not comfortable with taking, impossible for those who can't.

It—the antecedent for all sorts of things, from life to wife to shit hitting the fan (whatever "it" is, it probably isn't great).

Easy—the hardest part.

Easy is hard.

It's work.

It's trust.

It's following someone into the forest.

Easy is letting go to go.

It's so damn hard to be entirely at ease.

Maybe if we took it easy about taking it easy, we'd be able to—what else—take it easy!