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Swing Your Swing

Golf and cricket—they're like life, aren't they?

Tedious, with occasional moments of joy and pleasure.

Nothing happens for stretches—but in a flash, everything changes.

Much rides on luck and momentum.

On imperfect choices made under the gun, with inadequate information.

You're eternally in battle—with people, time, the environment, consequences, yourself.

Sometimes, the best you can do is a rueful smile.

Strange games these, that can take four to five days to determine a winner, and a tie or draw is often a great result.

Beautiful too—strategic, tactical, technical, but ultimately reliant on rhythm and something deeper to skilfully execute.

Inherently defensive, disproportionately mental.

Not so much building character as revealing it.

High context with complicated histories.

But—like life—they can feel pretty damn great.

Leather on willow.

Iron on ionomer.

Games with dad.

Beating your boys.

A sea of stories.

If you're one of life's watchers, you probably appreciate golf, cricket or both.

Maybe you're a golf addict.

A cricket tragic.

Or you couldn't give two hoots.

"Swing your swing."

—Arnold Palmer