Scribbles, From the Roof of the World

Things can take a minute to read but a lifetime to grasp.

Helpers, drivers, cooks, gardeners—in an accident, life's people are often the first responders.

In the age of the algorithm, the lost art of "ghaam taapnu" (soaking up the sun) feels more vital than ever.

Meanings and feelings of words like "ramailo" and "aafnai dhun ma" are so elusive and hard to translate, it makes one's understanding of them even more precious.

Despite nearly 40 years of living here, my Calcutta-born-and-raised Chinese mother has never quite taken to the mountains. Maybe that's why she sees it most clearly for what it is and is not.

My father doesn't make to-do lists, yet he has done more than anyone I know. When people are present, productivity appears to follow.

At night, across Sikkim and Singapore, kids are on their phones, listening to K-pop.

While some people's inner Himalayas can rival the outer, they cannot endure as long or appear as majestic.

A boring outer life feels conducive to an exciting inner one!

Nothing is needed for something.

Random acts of kindness—essentially what it all comes down to.