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My Friend Hemant

I've known Hemant for nearly fifteen years.

He's in his mid-thirties.

He's a musician, an entrepreneur, and a political operator whose supporters will happily climb the Kanchenjunga for him.

He helps his family financially—and by being there.

He's a good reader—of books, people, situations.

Some folks carry spare change—Hemant carries spare hours.

What I've always admired about Hemant is his ability to navigate timeless struggles—

Values vs money;

Seclusion vs connection;

Old vs new;

Biding time vs seizing the moment;

A pandemic;

A bad back;

—Without taking things personally (or giving the impression thereof, which in itself is quite something).

We don't speak much when I'm away from home, which is often, for long periods.

We grab a beer or three when we meet, picking up where we left off.

Hemant is my only friend in Sikkim.

I've never felt the need for another one.