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Mists in the Mountains

Feelin' like greased lightnin'?
Or a side of greasy fries?

Pulling through?
On your way?
Starting—or settling in?

Wherever you are, friend, you're in the thick of it.

Doing what you can to stay buoyant.
Make sense of things.
Find the means to crack on.

And like most of us, you're probably on the lookout.
And whatever you're truly seeking, it'll likely come about.

Just maybe not at a time and place of your choosing.
To a greater or lesser degree.
In ways you can't yet imagine.
With other things in tow.

It'll come.
And then, it'll go.

Because they come—then come away.
Days and years.
Things and feelings.
Jobs and money.
People and pandemics.
The gift of life.
Every breath.

Like mists in the mountains, this too shall pass.
Live to tell the tale, for when the mist clears, the mountain too might be gone.