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It's Never Too Late

I was a politician in my 20s and 30s.
A bureaucrat in my 40s and 50s.
A journalist in my 60s and 70s.
And in my 80s and 90s, a chief guest for functions big and small.
(When you couldn't land that Very Important Person, I was your next best bet.)

My teenage years were in the wastelands of WW2.
In my 30s, I completed a master's degree in a foreign country, with no money and family to feed.
In 1999, I celebrated my 75th birthday by learning how to work a computer—I used email for the next 20 years!

In your little world, you, too, must keep moving.
Whatever it is you want to do, you can do it.
Start small—but start.

My daughter-in-law once bought me a tracksuit with the words Just Do It stitched on the back.
It was my favourite thing.

Every decade (or two) brings with it a new adventure.
Remember, it's never too late.

Entry #4 of Relax & Live the Good (Enough) Life: Practical Wisdom From the Himalayas