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I Quit Smoking

A few weeks back.
Someone walked into my life and gave me the ass-kicking I needed.
(It didn't feel like an ass-kicking, but that's a whole other story.)
It might get harder, but it was easier than I imagined.
Few withdrawals.
No cravings.
This is after ten, fifteen years of five-odd cigarettes a day.
I knew I had better things to do.
I had a plan.
The time was ripe.
But I needed an ass-whoopin' to get over the line.

We all know what Big Tobacco's 125 million annual advertising $$$ can do to your head.
I found an equally mad Beat Tobacco & Other Addictions industry when really, all you sometimes need is good old-fashioned willpower.

Smoking cigarettes feels incongruous.
A relic.
Not cool.
(Maybe we'll feel the same way about eating meat one day, said our Creative Director.)
What are you addicted to that society says it's okay (but really, it's not)?
It's easier to check out than you think.
All you may need is a firm one up the backside.

To gain something, I had to quit something.