I Didn't Keep My New Year's Resolution

I tried and failed, neither writing nor publishing a book, a goal since 2010.
(Here we go, 2022!)

I didn't do a lot of other things in 2021.
Panic, for starters.
Lose my head for seconds.
Lose myself in my head for thirds.
I didn't smoke, drink, eat or binge-watch as much as I did in 2020.
I didn't buy that $500 putter.
I didn't entertain headhunters.

Net-net, I never felt like I was missing out.
I still have moments—minutes, sometimes—of doubt, but they never seem to last long enough to change tack.
And so the show—and I with it—must go on.
To softly, softly, catchee monkey.

In a world of getting things done, the wisest thing to do can be not to do.

What didn't you do in 2021?

What won't you do in 2022?

"Stand Like a Mountain, Move Like a River"
—Jayne Storey