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I Am Not A Falconer

My poem of the year, by Caroline Bird—

I am standing in this field

Holding my glove in the air

Should I whistle?

I can’t whistle

Will she get lost?

Take shelter in a charming tree?

It’s starting to rain

Is that bad?

This is a woolly glove

Calm down

Falconers are patient

It’s very windy

The sky is so big

She could be literally anywhere



Why did I let her go?

I’m not a falconer!

Do I just keep standing here?

I’d go home and change

Into appropriate footwear

But what if I missed her?

I bet falcons are like Fedex

The second you nip to the loo …

What am I talking about?

A falconer doesn’t get antsy

A falconer just knows

I lift my fist higher

If my arm gets tired I’ll switch arms

Miss, miss!

Like I’m asking God a question

Please come back to me

Through the wind and rain

Come back

Even though you’re free

I’m drenched

My glove is wrong

And you are not a falcon

From Rookie: Selected Poems by Caroline Bird