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Live Like a Happier, Healthier Himalayan

With this list of don't-dos.

With these daily inactions.

You may not move your mountain, but you must try very hard not to:

  1. Hunch.
  2. Multitask. Instead, do one thing at a time. If you're drinking tea, only drink tea. If you're typing, only type.
  3. Cab it.
  4. Look away. Instead, look into people's eyes. Stare at a wall. See what is before you.
  5. Eat and drink like there's no tomorrow. Slow down. Remember, food is medicine. Act suitably.
  6. Talk first.
  7. Instinctively reach out for your phone.
  8. Follow the news. Instead, follow what you like.
  9. Be too neat, too clean, too organized, too anything. Make space for the unexpected.
  10. Be so serious. Laugh out loud, mostly at yourself.
  11. Buy it.
  12. React. Practice the art of the pause. Take a breath (or three) while you're at it.

Doing less is hard. Doing nothing is harder. But they are the keys to creativity and letting insights wander to you.

Do not do, and under all circumstances, continue!