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Go Gently

Go gently, my friend.
It is a first-class way to go about things, and it will help you live long and prosper.
Being stern and severe and raising a fist to the mountains—you will not last very long like this.
Gentle is easier on your bodymind and benefits everybody.
Gentle means you are rooted like a banyan tree, firm and flexible like bamboo.

But it took me years to be gentle (it was much easier to be mindlessly firm!).
But it didn't stop me—and nor should it stop you—from trying.
You will be to be patient, sensitive, and humble.
You will have to find strength in weakness.
You will have to trust the lightness of touch.
You have to practice being gentle.

The gentle man, like a gentle breeze, is always welcome.

Gentle is how you usually should be.
Speak softly.
Tread lightly.
See things from the eyes of the person in front of you.

Gently does it.

Thank you for reading. This entry is part of Relax & Live the Good (Enough) Life.