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Distract Yourself & Do Nothing

My son struggled with the bottle and died before me.
My daughter had to run away to get married.
I lost money.

Bad things happen, and mistakes are made.
But the clock ticks, and one learns to tock with it.
One has to.

Of course, there were moments when I wanted to do something about it, but it would have made things infinitely worse.
Instead, I learnt to do something else or nothing at all so things could run their course.
I suppose it's why people, alcohol, and all sorts of distractions exist.
In a torrid stretch, I remember reading Louis L'Amour Westerns for weeks.

The next time things get tricky, try distracting yourself.
Do something else that will help you stay the course.
And start with few promises—it's easeir to keep them all.

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