"Advertisements Hide My Face"

I'm studying links between poetry and business, and I've come across this gem.
It's my poem of the year.
Written by Shankha Ghosh.
Translated by Arunava Sinha.

Advertisements Hide My Face

All alone I wait for you
In the lane I find my place
I think of giving you a glimpse
But advertisements hide my face

I think I’ll signal with my eyes
A simple truth or maybe two
They glitter in the gaudiness
Of advertisements coloured blue

It’s hard to tell how one man sees
The other one - with love or scorn?
But oh my exaggerations
But oh the land where I was born

Once my eyes were locked with yours
But now my glances have been sold
The neon creates commodities
Of private stories never told

All the things I meant to say
Are in that lane now, languishing
But my mask, so exhausted,
Dangles from the advertising