Penetration Test for Vulnerabilities

I've been cc'd on this email thread for over a year.
I know neither why they cc'd me in the first place nor why I'm still on it.
I know nothing of its contents.

There are monthly requests, unfailingly polite and bland—
"Hi, can help change password?"
"Hi, please ignore earlier request."
"Hi, backend not working."
"Hi, backend now working."
"Hi, what is the best PHP version?"
"Hi, it's the latest."

Responses occur within the week, after which a new issue materialises.
Sometimes, someone is "looped in" for "assistance" because "credentials aren't working."
(Unless they make a specific request to drop off, the "someone" remains.)
Emails about "Emails from Cookie Bots" are forwarded.
Invoices are shared.

I recall a flurry of flagged emails regarding "V impotent (sic). Portal access issue."
For reasons unknown, the prime receiver was silent that week, after which the issue solved itself (or was resolved off the thread).

Of the ten-odd email addresses on the thread, I recognize three.
Of the three, I've met two in person.
Of the two, I worked with one circa 2018.

I'm never mentioned in conversations, but I gather next week—
"Penetration Test for Vulnerabilities scheduled for 15:00 SGT."
"Look forward thank you."